.everything may change from one piece to the next.


common threads will undoubtedly connect

vivid scenes and obvious transitions walk with unpredictable entrances and exits

a conventional band in essence ~ approaching from alternative parts of the spectrum

sometimes a single voice, many or none on other occasions

self made and at a pace not dictated to by anything other than the flow

presented on a frequency that varies

who we are is what we do

if it resonates with you ~ we are privileged 

made of observational commentary ~ 

the fruit of daydreams ~

lived moments~

life trials~

comical tales~

unimagined travels~

enlightened thoughts~

adaptations of realism~


a little history

Collaborating in various forms since 2012, performing live and experimenting in the studio, core members finally emerged in december 2017 to create the frequency band. Their previous journeys absorbed them in vibrations of the musical and noise generating spectrums, roaming through the abstract avenues of Branca infused ambiesque to the mutiny calls of Lydon. Their unique approach takes a  blender to folk, punk, soul & kosmische musik to bring you cup of  genre-crossing audio infusion brew. Coincidence, happenstance and a reason for being here drew these multifaceted characters together. Passing through the brutal and beautiful, life can be an overflowing bowl of strange. What more fitting way is there to overcome, exorcise, rebuild, while revisit and looking forward?

. everything is connected.